Music Makers Scholarship

Music Makers

Youth Music Program
Grades 3-10

Information Sheet:

The Music Makers Program is made possible through the Bo Gill Scholarship Fund. This is a River House program run in collaboration with the teachers of The Cat and The Fiddle folk music school.

A scholarship winner of the Music Makers Program would receive:

  • 42 weeks of private 1-on-1 classes with a professional music instructor

  • An instrument for their own use during the course of the year, that they would be awarded to keep at the end of a successful completion of the program

  • Performance opportunities in up to 3 student recitals per year

  • The support of a musical community through jams sessions and group workshops

  • The chance to join the Music Makers Band

Winners of a Music Makers Scholarship will be expected to:

  • Attend private music classes once a week held at The Cat and The Fiddle (CAPON BRIDGE, WV)

  • Attend/participate in 6 music related events held at The River House (Music related events include: jams, concerts, open mics and recitals)

  • Practice a minimum of 1 hr 20 mins each week (20 min daily) in order to master the material covered in classes

  • Students that go above and beyond in their achievements through the course of the year may be invited to participate in the Music Makers Band during the third semester. If so, they would be required to attend group band rehearsal in addition to weekly private classes.

For questions regarding any part of this program, email:

ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN SEPT 9, 2022 IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED. Click the link below to print and submit your Music Makers Application, or stop in for a physical copy at The Cat and The Fiddle or The River House.


As off Fall 2022, after completing a 42 week scholarship, Music Maker students, are now elidable to apply for an additional scholarship. This additional scholarship will be awarded to 1 child to continue their music education in the Music Makers Program for an additional 15 weeks. To apply to be a RETURNING Music Maker Student, click the link below. Deadline to apply is Friday, September 16th.