Music and Movement 

LITTLE CATS a unique class designed for children ages 2-4 that encourages free movement and exploration of sounds. Each Class is 45 minutes long and will meet once a week for six weeks. There are two separate classes both made up of 2-4 year old. Group 1 will meet on Tuesdays at 10am and Group 2 on Wednesdays at 10am. The classes feature many great skills for your child to learn and develop by using pitch exploration, games, dancing, rhythm exercises, signing, and a few musical instruments. Some instruments that the children will get to use are egg shakers, wrist bells, rhythm sticks, boomwackers, and tambourines. Other items used during the class will include a parachute, stuffed animals, and rhythm scarves. The guardians also get a PDF packet with songs to take home with them to learn with their child. Many of the activities in these classes will promote cognitive development through the use of colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. Through movement, children will work on balance, flexibility, developing fine and gross motor skills, and coordination. The goal of these classes is so that each student can find their own enjoyment in music and dance that have been created from around the world.

Goals of the Music and Movement Class:
- Develop fine and gross motor skills
- Be able to understand basic timing
- Learn new songs while having fun
- Develop listening skills
- Have a better understanding of their voices and bodies for dancing
- Develop more social and sharing skills
- Finding enjoyment in music and dance

LOCATION: The Cat and The Fiddle - 152 Capon School Street, Capon Bridge, WV 26711

Cost: $165 (Covers child and caregiver + materials for all 6 classes)

Group 1 - Tuesdays

Tuesdays from 10AM-10:45AM
- July 2nd
- July 9th
- July 16th
- July 30th
- Aug 6th
- Aug 13th

Group 2 - Wednesdays

Wednesdays from 10AM-10:45AM
- July 3rd
- July 10th
- July 17th
- July 31st
- Aug 7th
- Aug 14th

Meet the Teacher | Kate Warren

Kate Warren was born and raised in Winchester, VA and is currently living in the hidden hills of West Virginia. Kate has her Bachelors degree in Music Education from Shepherd University. Kate currently teaches piano lessons at TreeHouse Music Studio in Winchester, VA. Kate started playing the piano when she was 7 years old and joined band in middle school where she played the clarinet. She later learned percussion in college and has played in numerous ensembles and events. Kate loves working with all kinds of people that want to experience music in a positive and fun manner while also playing games!