At The Cat and The Fiddle, we try to make the most of every opportunity possible, in order to learn and grow in your knowledge of music, arts and dance. Our workshops allow students to dip their toes into all types of folklife activities and try out new art forms for themselves. Some, but not all of the workshops offered at The Cat and The Fiddle include instrument workshops (fiddle, banjo, guitar etc.), building workshops (learn to build a canjo!) and dance workshops (flatfooting, square dancing calling). 

Workshops at The Cat and The Fiddle:

An introduction to the foundations Irish Fiddle Music

Don't miss this opportunity to learn Irish Traditional Music from master fiddler Joe DeZarn! Joe DeZarn, of Winchester, VA, will conduct this introductory group class, which will focus on establishing a foundation for the music - jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, and slip jigs.
Joe will present insights for learning this music, share resources, and provide tips on technique, all with the aim of being helpful, enlightening, and enormously entertaining. Fiddlers and other melody instruments players welcome.

INPORTANT NOTICE: Once you have registered, send a text or email to the instructor and he will send you any updates you need to know to prepare for class. Joe DeZarn contact: 717-368-6607 / 

FREQUENCY: This group class will take place on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 1-3PM. You don't have to be with the group from the first class to participate. Join when you can!

LEVEL: Advancing Beginner to intermediate instrument proficiency; all ages

COST: $30 per session

As a young adult, Joe DeZarn heard a recording of Kevin Burke playing Irish fiddle music. It was a pivotal experience, which started Joe on a lifelong pursuit of Irish traditional music, which continues to be a focus of his musical life to this day.
Joe is widely appreciated as a teacher of the tradition. He has collected music, insights, and teaching techniques from his fiddle heroes, and he is a cornerstone of the Mid-Atlantic's most sought after ceili band, Rambling House. He can be heard on numerous recordings, at Irish music sessions, dances, and folk festivals (as well as private events) throughout the region.

Special Events Around Town:
The following workshops are held in collaboration with Cacapon Music and Dance Foundation